Furniture gives a complete design to our home. No matter, what is the purpose of buying furniture, but imperatively it takes up the majority of space and makes your home feel lived and complete. Your home is supposed to be solace and contributes a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically. We know that we need furniture for our comfortable lives, for storage, sitting on and for relaxation.

Choosing the right furniture bespoke design for your home not only improves overall beauty but keeps your stress away as well. Therefore we have designed our own range in order to achieve all of the above. Our brand goal is for your  house and furniture to be best possible way by living near the sea in the most luxurious way.

Dining Chairs

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Nimbus Nest
Stone top and metal frame
The Drift Dining Table
The Hampshire coffee table
Metal and glass
The Library table
All metal
The Nutbourne Chair
Wood and Metal
The Drift chair
Wood and Leather

Sofas & Arm Chairs

The Eastoke Sofa
Variety of Fabrics
The Southwood Arm Chair
Variety of fabrics
The Lucca Sofa
Variety of fabrics
The Leoleo Arm chair
Fabrics and metal frame
The Hayling Sofa
Variety of fabrics
The Southwood Sofa
Variety of fabrics
Disc Wall Light
Casa Bed side Light
Marble and glass on our Ponte ash wood side tables


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